KARR Forum


The main objectives of Forum is support of micro, medium and small enterprises to establish direct economic contacts with German and Czech firms. Popularization and promotion the idea of innovation, exchange knowledge, reinforcement of potential of human resources, increase the awareness of entrepreneurs professionalism, public sector employees, business related institutions in the area of innovation and technology transfer. Support of development and promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship, the use of new techniques and technologies in enterprises.


The Economic Forum is not only the excellent opportunity to introduce the economic possibilities, but also the ability to exchange experiences of companies of three boarding countries and to establish new trade contacts.


Different main theme of Forum is adopted every year, e.g.

  • in 2011 ‘Energy-efficient construction and-environmental engineering-environmental protection and waste management’
  • in 2012 ‘Technology for the railways’
  • in 2013 ‘Logistics’
  • in 2014 ‘The use of the Information technology IT In all sectors of economy’


The target group:

The participants of Forum are SME – the sectors of participants are modified in accordance to the theme of Forum in a given year. The Forum is dedicated to the companies of different sectors, e.g. logistics, metal and machine, electronic, electrical, energetic, renewable energy, construction, the Information technology, industry automation, mining and quarrying, wood, informative, plastics, sub-suppliers for the industry, environmental protection.

Forum consists of three parts:

  1. Opening and welcome of participants of Forum, Speeches of Special Guests
  2. The seminar – presentations on business related institutions and their activities supporting SME in the area of promotion of innovation solutions and new technologies transfer.
  3. The Co-operation Exchange Forum, when the bilateral discussions of participants take place.

The Internet system of matching companies interacting
‘everyone with everyone’:

KARR SA established the Internet system matching companies interacting ‘everyone to everyone’ for the purpose of the use of three sided Co-operation Exchange Forum. The participants of Forum apply for the participation through the Internet and choose partners for bilateral discusses in accordance to the firms which were established of the system and co-operation wishes translated into three languages. Our system establishes the individual schedules of meetings for the Co-operation Forum on the basis of the selected partners.

Information and promotion centers:

Additionally, the information centers are available to the participants of Forum, where each participant can use of consultancy, which is free of charge


The participation in the Forum is free of charge, since KARR SA has applied successfully for many years for the funds from the Forum organization of the European Union.