Information about the project

Project ”Innovation of economic contacts in Neisse –Nisa-Nysa- Euroregion” is realized by Karkonosze Development Regional Agency in Jelenia Góra in co-operation with Regional Social Council in Jablonec from 1 April 2014 to 31 December 2014.

Project activities:

  1. Creation of a new portal with the use of modern information technologies. The portal will be dedicated to the biggest economic event in the Polish parts of Neisse-Nisa-Nysa Euroregion: Polish-German-Czech Co-operation Forum of Companies – Co-operation Exchange Forum with a 20 year history. The portal containing three language versions: Polish, German and English will include:
  • information about the organization of 21 Polish-German-Czech Co-operation Forum of Companies - Co-operation Exchange Forum- 6 November 2014,
  • the information of the previous editions of Forum, i.e. photo galleries, catalogues of offers of companies in three language versions,
  • the information about the other co-operating exchange forums and economic events in  Neisse –Nisa- Nysa- Euroregion,
  • the Internet system of applications of firms concerning automatic confirmation of participation in the Forum,
  • the individual selection of the contact of partners on the Forum through the Internet system of matching companies interacting “everyone with everyone”,
  • base matching companies by introducing the offers of companies and the ability to make contact with the other firms which are introduced to the base,
  • the data collection and processing system and the ability to send messages to the  e-mail addresses and using the Internet communicators and on mobile devices,
  • modern and automatic translator.
  1. Organization 21 Polish-German-Czech Cooperation Forum of Companies – Cooperation Exchange Forum – 6 November 2014. The theme of this year’s Forum focuses on: he use of information technology IT in all sectors of the economy
    The target groups of 21 Forum are the small and medium sized enterprises of the following sectors, i.e. IT and new materials, logistics, metal and machine industry, electronic and electrical industry, energy, renewable energy, environmental protection, construction, wood industry, industrial automation, plastics, sub-suppliers for the industry.
    We expect that over 100 companies will participate in the Co-operating Exchange Forum (about45 Polish companies, 30 Czech companies and 30 German companies ) and about 30 special guests. The number of persons participating in the Forum will be around 150 persons.
  1. Edition of the catalogue which besides contact details – will also contain profile of activities and participants of Forum requests. The catalogue will be printed in three language versions: Polish, Czech and German and will be published on the website www.
  1. Organization of a press conference during 21 Forum which promotes new web page, Forum and project involving Polish and Czech Media, institutions of business environment, centres of innovation and technology transfer, firms and invited guests.
  1. Promotional activities: promotion of the Project and the programme among the Czech and Polish business related institutions and MŚP of Euroregion Neisse on the web pages of all Forum partners, organization of a press conference for media and other marketing activities

Contact: Anna Pyzik, Project co-ordinator

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